About Our Flooring

Our  flooring is mostly mature longleaf southern yellow new growth heart pine, which has been recently harvested through an environmentally friendly process called select cutting. Southern yellow pine is the hardest of all American pine species and has a janka hardness rating of 870 as compared to 560 for red pines and 380 for white pines.

Our flooring is kiln dried,  3/4 inch thick tongue and groove fitments that contain stress relief grooves on the bottom to prevent cupping.  The flooring comes in long lengths as longer lengths make tighter floors. We manufacture our floors with traditional square edges as opposed to micro bevels, which collect dirt.  All knot holes and most imperfections are filled with a durable epoxy putty. We guarantee no blue stain! Blue stain is a defect and a sign of poor quality control and a cheaper grade of wood.  

We finish our floors with a hard oil finish. Hard oil finishes have been used for years throughout Europe and are more durable than poly finishes, have a longer life, and provide for easy touch ups if scratches occur. The hard oil finish we use is a Certified Green Product that is 100% VOC free. 

Read more about our flooring options below. 

TAvern Select

Tavern grade prefinished flooring is our most popular flooring and it comes in three  styles and four colors.  Learn more by clicking HERE

Tavern Select

Tavern grade unfinished flooring is presanded and can be easily site finished.  Learn more by clicking HERE

Mill House Select

The Mill House series is a distressed flooring that has a unique weathered look with enhanced scratch resistance. It comes both unfinished and prefinished. Learn more by clicking HERE