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Plantation new growth heart Pine is for the most discerning buyer, one that is looking for a grade that contains a lot of heart and straight grained wood with smaller tighter knots. it will have 70% -100 %  heartwood and will follow the grading standards as D and better and will contain approximately 65% D grade and a 35 % mix of C and better grades as outlined by the Southern Pine Council. This grade will have smaller and fewer knots than the above grades. Also this grade usually has a more tight straight grain, with less leaf grain or what is known in the industry as cathedraling. Plantation Heart usually contains a good bit of quarter sawn wood with very tight growth rings, making this the hardest and most durable of the new growth heart pines. This grade comes in all the same sizes and lenghths as the Tavern Select grade and comes with our same superior packaging processes as the above grade.
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