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Our Heritage antique pine is reclaimed from the homes, buildings and old mills reminiscent of times long past. During Americas Industrial Revolution, factories were being built at a dizzying pace. Southern heart pine quickly became the wood of choice in these factories, homes, and buildings. Harvested in the coastal areas of the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi and shipped all over the United States.  Heart pine was abundant, hard, straight, and long, and its timbers offered excellent resistance to decay. The very name came from the dense heartwood center of this species, “Heart Pine” or “Hard Pine.” Flooring made from heart pine has lasted for hundreds of years and is still in use today in fine homes and offices throughout the South. Our Antique flooring is carefully selected, for its beauty and functionality. The colors run from a deep pumpkin to very deep umber with golden stripes mixed through out. It is available in several grades from character grade complete with nail holes, burn marks, boltholes and other defects that add to its great looks and add historic charm and character. To the classic formal look of the clear vertical grain Heart pine that is mostly straight grained with very few and small tight knots. We stock only limited amounts of the reclaimed pine because of the many grade and size variations.  Please call us to discuss your needs and the grade you desire.

                                                         Heritage Reclaimed
                 6” character grade un-finished  5.25 per sq.ft  Pre finished   6.25 per sq. ft.
                 8” character grade un-finished  5.75 per sq.ft. Pre finished   6.75 per sq. ft.
*Available as an engineered or solid product.

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