We began in the industry in the mid 80’s as log and timber frame builders. Throughout the years we found it virtually impossible to obtain quality wide plank pine floors for our homes.
   We spent a great deal of time and effort to find, refine, and have produced what we believe to be the highest quality wide plank pine floors in the industry. Having used this high quality flooring in our homes for years, we decided to bring our superior product and knowledge to the general public, hence the formation of Vintage Pine flooring in 1990.

   Why should you consider wood flooring in your home?

  One of the biggest trends in home building today is the return to wood floors in modern homes.  Wood flooring will stand the test of time and will be there when the carpet and laminate floors are long worn out, also wood flooring adds value and appeal to your home, and they offer relatively low maintenance. Then there is the inherent beauty and warmth of wood flooring that only nature can produce.

   Why you should consider pine flooring for your home?

Pine is one of the oldest flooring used, dating back to the colonial days. Pine was chosen in the colonial days because of its exceptional strength, beauty, and its durability.  In today’s time, it is often chosen for its unique grain structure and its beautiful colors and hues that range from butterscotch to the rich umber tones that deepen over time. Pine flooring works in any setting from formal to country-rustic. Pine is a more stable wood in wider widths than most any other species, it is common to find it in widths up to 10” and lengths up to 16’ long length means less joints. So if you are tired of the commonplace look of strip oak, and you are ready to make a bold statement about your home, contact us for a floor that will offer you a unique character, enduring beauty, and lasting value.